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Yoga for RV's and Other Small Spaces

An all season take along fitness program to help you take even better control of your health. ~Strength~Balance~Relaxation~


This yoga practice works for people interested in beginning yoga or maintaining their practice while in their RV, on their boat or while being in other small spaces.

Yoga and flexibility exercises are important for overall health and can help repair or minimize aches and pains. Yoga poses increase critically important body balance, strength, increased awareness, and processing of thoughts. Golfers and other athletes love the improved range of motion that results from practicing Yoga.

We agree that people need to regularly practice body strengthening exercises in order to maintain muscle and to reduce their risk of losing balance and falling. Each of the movements chosen for these sessions is specifically included to improve balance and increase strength in the exact way needed to keep people on their feet. Because the poses are simple, we have found that everyone, regardless of fitness level, can be successful doing these movements.

Why YogaRVing?

YogaRVing is a yoga practice for RV owners and travelers, essentially a program for RV’s and other small workout spaces. This one-hour yoga exercise workout focuses on balance, strength and flexibility postures that can be done in the space of a Yoga Mat 24 cm x 64 cm (2’ x 5’) the width of the aisle in a Class C Motorhome or Travel Trailer aisle.

Enjoy YogaRVing!

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